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We offer a full solar inspection and cleaning service


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We offer a full service inspection and array cleaning service. We start by inspecting under the solar panels and insure all connections are properly secured. We check for critters that could potential harm and damage under and surrounding panels. We test the irradiance level before washing. The irradiance level is the amount of light that is able to reach your array from the sun, this determines energy production. We use no chemicals to clean your array and use a triple filtered water purifier to ensure that you get the highest quality water for a spot free shine. After cleaning we again take the irradiance level and record it for you.


    We have professionally cleaned large scale commercial buildings and ground mounted solar farms throughout Utah. We understand your solar panels are an expensive investment, and as such should be cleaned by insured and trained professionals. 

    Critter Guards

    We also offer critter guards, which is a life time coated wire mesh that we safely and gently secure around your solar panels to prevent unwanted fury guest that could compromise your array. Critter guards often need little to no maintenance and will out last the homes solar array.

      Gutter Cleaning and Flushing

      While we are cleaning your Solar array we can also clean out and gently flush your gutters. The average 3 bedroom 2 bath has a roof size of about 1700 sq ft. If 1inch of rain falls, over 1000 gallons of water will get redirected away from your home. Water will always move towards the least resistant area. If a homes gutters are clogged water will typical move towards the house. This can sometimes cause significant damage that doesn’t get detected for months or years later

      Cement Power washing & Soft washing

      Everything gets dirty over time we can take care of your home from top bottom all in the same day. Soft washing is a lower pressure cleaning service and doesn’t damage your home. We can clean away dust build up spider webs making it look new again. 

      Cement can also make your home look dated and can be a slip hazard. With specialized equipment we can clean the cement restoring its natural color and returning its grit.  

      Trusted & Experienced

      All of our service technicians have gone through a extensive background check and training. With every cleaning we use the same level of detail of our owers experience in the Dental field, namley; pricison and detailed. 

      Reliable & Fully Insured

      We offer transparent communication as our technicians arrive and leave. Backed with experience and fully insured its our promise that our family of employees and you are in the best hands.

      No Contracts

      There are no contracts necessary, we offer one time cleanings, but also offer bi-annual and annual memberships at a discount. We also offer flexiable times so we can work around your schedule.

      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      We guarantee our cleaning and maintenance services will protect and improve your energy production. If we don’t see a measurable difference, you will not be charged for the cleaning service.  


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