We can help maximize your Home Solar Array by increasing production by up to 30%



We offer a full service inspection and array cleaning service. We start by inspecting under the solar panels and insure all connections are properly secured. We check for critters that could potential harm and damage under and surrounding panels. We test the irradiance level before washing. The irradiance level is the amount of light that is able to reach your array from the sun, this determines energy production. We use no chemicals to clean your array and use a triple filtered water purifier to ensure that you get the highest quality water for a spot free shine. After cleaning we again take the irradiance level and record it for you. With every Solar Panel Cleaning we include a full service of the following:

    1. Inspection of main inverter to ensure proper connectivity and report any error codes
    2. Inspection of your panels above and underneath for degradation, critters, and proper connectivity
    3. Pre-cleaning irradiance (amount of light that panels absorb)
    4. Cleaning of non-abrasive commercial brush 4.Triple filtered de-ionized water for spot free shine
    5. Post-cleaning irradiance check
    6. Post cleaning inspection of area to insure we leave your area undisturbed
    7. Upon leaving we leave a check list of our service, notes and a follow up reminder.

Do solar panels really need to be cleaned?

Simply put, Yes. Dirt and grime can build up over time and block the sun light absorption by your solar panels.



Lets review how solar panels generate electricity for your home.

  1. A solar panel works by generating electricity when particles of sun light, or photons, hit electrons free from atoms. This causes the electrons to move. The flow of electrons is ELECTRICITY.
  2. Solar panels capture this flow of electrons and convert it into a usable electrical current (DC). This is done with a solar inverter or micro inverters, turning DC Direct Current into AC Alternating Current.
  3. After it passes the inverters the energy heads to your home’s electrical panel or switch board. Here electricity is dispersed through your house and to all of your outlets and electrical switches.

 So the MOST crucial process in maximizing your solar panels is to let in more LIGHT.


What blocks the light?

    Dust from construction

    Ash from fires

    Smog – atmospheric pollutants

    Hard water

    Paint over spray

    Bird droppings

    Organic matter (break down of leaves)

    Can rain clean my solar panels?

    Kinda, Rain and snow are often the biggest culprits of blocking particles of light from the sun. Rain can wash away some of the loose dirt on a solar array, however; when rain falls it carries with it particles that are in the air. Similar to a dirty car a few days after its gone through a car wash.

    Can I just rinse my solar panels with hose water?

    Sort of, Rinsing a panel with hose water can help wash away the heavier debris, however; Utah has one of the highest concentrations of hard water (lots of calcium in the water) in the US. Even though you may rinse off the heavier dirt you will leave behind a collection of hard water that is even more difficult to clean than just dirt alone.

    Trusted & Experienced

    All of our service technicians have gone through a extensive background check and training. With every cleaning we use the same level of detail of our owers experience in the Dental field, namley; pricison and detailed. 

    Reliable & Fully Insured

    We offer transparent communication as our technicians arrive and leave. Backed with experience and fully insured its our promise that our family of employees and you are in the best hands.

    No Contracts

    There are no contracts necessary, we offer one time cleanings, but also offer bi-annual and annual memberships at a discount. We also offer flexiable times so we can work around your schedule.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We guarantee our cleaning and maintenance services will protect and improve your energy production. If we don’t see a measurable difference, you will not be charged for the cleaning service.  


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