Commercial Solar Cleaning

We can help get your Business Solar Array increasing production by up to 30%




Solar Farm

We have professionally cleaned large scale commercial buildings and ground mounted solar farms throughout Utah. We understand your solar panels are an expensive investment, and as such should be cleaned by insured and trained professionals. With every cleaning we include a array check list of the following:

  • Inspection of main inverter and report any error codes
  • Inspection of panels above and underneath for degradation, critters, and proper connectivity
  • Pre-cleaning irradiance measurement
  • Quality insured Cleaning
  • Post-cleaning irradiance measurement
  • Post cleaning inspection of area to insure we leave your Business area undisturbed
  • Notes of our service and a follow up reminder.

Can rain clean my solar panels?

Not really, Rain and snow are often the biggest culprits of blocking particles of light from the sun. Rain can wash away some of the loose dirt on a solar array, however; when rain falls it carries with it particles that are in the air. Similar to a dirty car a few days after its gone through a car wash.

Can I just rinse my solar panels with hose water?

Rinsing a panel with hose water can help wash away the heavier debris, however; Utah has one of the highest concentrations of hard water (lots of calcium in the water) in the US. Even though you may rinse off the heavier dirt you will leave behind a collection of hard water that is even more difficult to clean than just dirt alone.

Trusted & Experienced

All of our service technicians have gone through a extensive background check and training. With every cleaning we use the same level of detail of our owers experience in the Dental field, namley; pricison and detailed. 

Reliable & Fully Insured

We offer transparent communication as our technicians arrive and leave. Backed with experience and fully insured its our promise that our family of employees and you are in the best hands.

No Contracts

There are no contracts necessary, we offer one time cleanings, but also offer bi-annual and annual memberships at a discount. We also offer flexiable times so we can work around your schedule.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our cleaning and maintenance services will protect and improve your energy production. If we don’t see a measurable difference, you will not be charged for the cleaning service.  


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