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Clear View Solar Cleaning, LLC is your #1 choice for fantastic clean solar panels. We offer a full science and numbers backed Commercial and Residential solar cleaning service throughout Utah.

Clear View Solar Cleaning is locally owned and operated, fully insured and committed to give you the best service.

Local Owner, of Clear View Solar Cleaning, LLC Kalani Au has over 10 years in the Dental industry as a Dental Hygienist. After getting a solar system installed he had noticed a decrease in production of energy in his solar array, each panel has its own micro inverter, so the output could be seen on an individual level. Compared to when it was first installed there were some panels that had a decrease of over 30%. His initial reaction “I thought something was wrong with my system, but there were no error codes”. After doing some research he came across a case study done by google, when they cleaned a series of panels and the production doubled over night. The case study continued and they did a similar washing 8 months later and again they saw an increase of 36%. Later he went on the roof and noticed how they were covered in dust. Kalani knew he was fanstastic and detailed at cleanings and after doing research in Utah realized that there wernt many business that were offering Professional services. And so Clear View Solar Cleaning was started.


What We Do

We offer a full service inspection and array cleaning service. We can help maintain your solar panel warrenty by cleaning off dirt and grime. We do this by using no chemicals.  We test the irradiance level before washing. The irradiance level is the amount of light that is able to reach your array from the sun, this determines energy production. Keeping your solar panels clean is a great way to save money on maintiance or premature replacement. It also ensure that your solar system is maximizing your energy production. While we are cleaning your array we also offer additional time and money saving services.

  • Solar panel inspection and cleaning
  • critter guards (non-harmful protection against unwanted animals)
  • gutter clean out and gentle flush
  • Window cleaning
  • Cement and home soft washing

Trusted & Experienced

All of our service technicians have gone through a extensive background check and training. With every cleaning we use the same level of detail of our owers experience in the Dental field, namley; pricison and detailed. 

Reliable & Fully Insured

We offer transparent communication as our technicians arrive and leave. Backed with experience and fully insured its our promise that our family of employees and you are in the best hands.

No Contracts

There are no contracts necessary, we offer one time cleanings, but also offer bi-annual and annual memberships at a discount. We also offer flexiable times so we can work around your schedule.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our cleaning and maintenance services will protect and improve your energy production. If we don’t see a measurable difference, you will not be charged for the cleaning service.  

Happy Customers

Kalani did such a good job cleaning the roof and solar panels for me. He cleared out bird nests (fire hazards) and cleaned the roof of the bird mess. He got rid of the bird poop that filled the rain gutter. He affixed screens to keep birds from nesting beneath the panels and carefully cleaned my solar panels (12). Then, he soft washed the wall below and deck. The cost was reasonable. I’m so thankful I found this service. I’ll be calling him next spring. – Diana Hall

Kalani showed up half an hour early and promptly got started. The panels were so clean we could see the reflection of distant mountains in the picture! He was even able to clean our garage doors while he was at it. Overall, did a great and quick job and very friendly! -Serna P.

Contact Information

We would love to hear from you! Give us a call or text and we can help answer any questions that you may have, or if you want a quote we can provide you with one over the phone and by email.

Call: (801)206-9722
Email: clearviewsolarcleaning@gmail.com
Clear View Solar Cleaning LLC